Mr Xu is not here at the moment, he went to his business trip yesterday.

He said he was in Shanghai yesterday。

He just came back from a business trip from other places,yesterday.

He worked until late last night, or rather, is to early this morning. 以后不会的可以找我。祝你学习进步

What did he do last night ? .

I am really sorry about that he was abesense during the meeting yesterday.

昨天他碰到了一位老同学 Yesterday he met an old classmate

1. He got up very late yesterday morning. 2.The meeting will last two hours. 3.This box weighs five kilos. 4.I lived in Sharighai five years ago. 5.Creat changes have taken place in my hometown in the past ten years.

It was not until yesterday that he had knew the newsuntil ··· 某事(某状态)一直持续到·· not··until ·· 直到什么时候才怎么样跟据语意 应该用not··until ·· 不过后面的用had knew 还是用直接用knew 就不知道了 几个月没碰书本了 上面的仅...

英语:I heard that he had an accident yesterday. 中文:我听说他昨天出了意外。

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