他晚上通常干什么?What does he usually do in the evening? 他通常在晚上看电视。He usually watches TV in the evening.

晚上看了半个小时电视 I have watched TV for half an hour at the night.

否定:She doesn't seldom watch TV in the evening 疑问:Does She seldom watch TV in the evening? 肯定回答:Yes she does. 否定回答:No she doesn't.

She's always gets up early.Mike is never watch TV at night.When does Mr.Wang go to work?LIli usually exercise on weekends.

My pen pal watches TV in the evening. 请采纳 如果你认可我的回答,敬请及时采纳 ~如果你认可我的回答,请及时点击【采纳为满意回答】按钮 ~~手机提问的朋友在客户端右上角评价点【满意】即可。 ~你的采纳是我前进的动力 ~~O(∩_∩)O,记得好评...

他以前每天晚上都看电视 翻译是: He used to watch TV every night.

어젯밤 드라마 보느라 아주 늦게 잤어요

I go to school every day.

他的父母每天晚上都要看电视 His parents watch TV every night. Do his parents watch TV every night?

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